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Professional Diploma in Shipping Management
This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required for the efficient, effective and economical management o […]
Ornamental Fish Culture and Management
This course is designed as a gap-filling program in the ornamental fish industry and anyone who wishes to be an entrepreneur in this field […]
Fishing Vessel Skipper (NVQ 4)
Fishing vessel skippers are responsible for maneuvering fishing boats and responsible for ensuring safe navigating and organizing and manag […]
Fishing Harvest Technician (NVQ 3)
Fish harvest Technician is very crucial component for linking the ground level components with marine environment. Fish Harvest Technician […]
Scuba Diver (NVQ 3 & 4)
This course has been designed to produce competent Divers and Underwater welders having an NVQ Level 3 and Level 4 certificates. Scuba divi […]
Floating Vessels Mechanics (NVQ 4)
This course is designed for those who wish to obtain a National Certificate at NVQ level-03 and 04, which is the requirement to work as a M […]
Pool Lifeguard (NVQ Level 3) / Surf Lifeguard (...
This course is designed to produce well-trained and qualified Lifeguards to fulfil the job market. During the training period, swimming, fi […]
Wharf Clerk (NVQ 4)
This course provides systemic training, and thorough knowledge and skills of all aspects regarding all the activities related to imports, e […]
Pre Sea Training for Deck Rating (Seaman)
This course is designed as a basic program for those who wish to obtain a Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC), a requirement to navigate […]