The Western Campus of the University of Colombo was established by a notification of the Sri Lanka government Gazette (Extraordinary ) No 928/1 dated 20th June 1996. Its name was subsequently amended as Sri Palee Campus of the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka with effect from 11.09.1998 by an order made by the Hon. Minister of Education and Higher Education under 27(1) of the Universities Act No-16 of 1978.

It is located in the Kalutara district at Wewala, Horana on the lands and buildings donated to the University of Sri Lanka in 1976 by the board of the Sri Palee Trust set up by the late Mr. Wilmot A. Perera, a veteran politician and well-known philanthropist.

It has 2 Faculties i.e the Faculty of Performing Arts and the Faculty of Mass Media. Under the Faculty of Performing Arts there is only one department of study which is the department of Performing Arts in which Music, Dancing, Drama and Theatre, Screen Studies and Art and Design are taught as main subjects. Under the faculty of Mass Media three departments were originally gazetted i.e. the Department of Mass Media, the Department of Languages and the Department of Information Technology. However at present only the department of Mass Media is fully functional and the other two are functioning as the Language Unit and Information Technology Unit.

The students of Sri Palee Campus are admitted by their z-score obtained at the Advanced Level examination. Nearly 150 students are admitted to both departments anually.

The Campus Board of Sri Palee Campus is responsible for

  1. The internal administration of the Campus
  2. Making arrangements for the general well-being of, and the provision of amenities for persons attached to the Campus
  3. The performance of any other duties as may be prescribed by Statute.

The Campus Board can, with the approval of the Council of University of Colombo, make rules in respect of all matters relating or incidental to or connected with the internal administration of the Campus.

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Sri Palee Campus, University of Colombo, Wewala, Horana, Sri Lanka. , Colombo, Western Province , Sri Lanka