Lalith Atulathmudali Vocational Training Center was established to commemorate late Hon. Minister Lalith Atulathmudali. When the honorable Minister initiated the “Mahapola Higher Education Project” he had in mind to establish a “Mahapola Computer Training Centre” in parallel to the above project. But during his lifetime it could not be achieved.

Mr. Keseralal Gunasekera who was elected as a member of the parliament at a later stage, going behind the foot steps of Mr. Lalith Atulathmudali dedicated himself to bring in to reality the aspiration of Late Mr. Lalith Athulathmudali.

With his untiring effort and with the help of Mrs. Srimani Atulathmudali who was holding the ministerial portfolio of Transport and Environmental affairs acquired a land owned to Sri Lanka Railway Department and handed over to the Divisional Secretary of Dehiwela/ Ratmalana for this purpose.

Construction was done by the State Engineering Corporation. Around 70,000,000.00 Rs was spent on it. Total amount was funded by the decentralized budget of Mr. Keseralal Gunasekara at various stages. Funds from decentralized budgets of members of the parliament, Srimani Atulathmudali and Ravi Karunanayake also were added to this.

After Completion of the building, the responsibility of commencing training programmes were entrusted to the National Youth Service council by recommendation of Mr. Keseralal Gunasekera and on the advice of the Colombo District Secretary. Continuous support is extended by the Dehiwela Ratmalana Development foundation.

An amount of around 1,500,000.00 was set apart from Mr. Keseralal Gunasekera’s decentralized budget to supply basic equipment needed to initiate the courses.

After that 700,000.00 was supplied by Mrs. Srimani Atulathmudali’s from her decentralized budget to enhance the quality of the courses.

Up to now the amount of money utilized from decentralized budgets is around 9,000,000.00.

We cordially invite you to utilize the benefits of this huge investment. And it is also your duty to inherit this to the future generation.

Below is the number of youths trained by this organization up to now.

Outcome Up Todate

A vast majority trained have achieved success in the employment field.

Management of the center is done by the Youth Services Council which is under the Ministry of sports and youth affairs. Director General of the Youth Services has appointed Mr. Keseralal Gunasekera as the Chairman of the Management board.

By now no government fund is granted to the functioning of the center. The cost of maintenance is covered by the course fees.

It is your duty to get the best value for the money you spend and for this our staff is totally committed.

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