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Colombo School of Business and Management
#65/5 Ward Place, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka , Colombo, Western Province , Sri Lanka
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Psychology explores how we act and interact, both as individuals and in groups, and the thoughts and feelings that underlie our behaviour. Counseling is concerned with the integration of psychological theory with interventions and therapeutic practice. Counseling with Psychology is one of the fastest growing disciplines and most sought after professional fields in Sri Lanka and around the world. Studying psychology provides students with a comprehensive understanding of behavioural and mental processes. Counseling, which is an applied discipline of Psychology focuses on client’s concerns and difficulties and includes understanding people’s patterns of thoughts, behaviours, feelings and ways in which these may be problematic in their lives. This Higher National Diploma in Psychology and Counseling course is designed to produce qualified and competent counselors for Sri Lanka, in order to meet the current requirements of the country in terms of psychological well-being and provision of counseling services. The course also prepares students to follow a variety of educational and career paths by helping them to achieve their full potential and equipping them with a range of intellectual skills.