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The DAUCEQ training covers the field of urban development taking into account the concepts of sharing and limits of public space, networks, the distribution between project management and urban project management in the act of building and planning. It trains future professionals in the sustainable city with skills in the construction, eco-districts and development of tomorrow. Dauceq is a training program which takes place in one year: an academic semester (courses and tutorials) and a semester of professional experience in immersion in a company, culminating in a professional dissertation. Dauceq is a Level I Establishment Diploma.

Public Focused

Engineers or holders of a university education at master’s level (Bac + 5) or equivalent and holders of a Bac + 4 justifying a minimum of three years of professional experience


  • Public services within local authorities or in mixed economy companies in the position of contracting authority,
  • Public services within local authorities or in mixed economy companies in prime contractor position,
  • Architectural firm and / or engineering design offices,
  • Companies involved in the development, construction, development of buildings, sites or neighborhoods as part of a sustainable development strategy,
  • Professional qualification or requalification of technicians or managers in companies involved in sustainable development sectors.

Trades: urban planner, urban project manager, eco-neighborhood project manager, responsible for setting up a Global and Environmental Quality approach, Sustainable Development, HQE approach, sustainable construction project manager, etc.

Educational Organization

The training includes 300 hours of lessons (face to face teaching), 50 hours of tutored project, followed by a professional immersion of 6 months in a company.

The lessons of the 1st semester will provide an overview of the fundamental principles of sustainable development, town planning, architecture, the various players in development, the conduct of sustainable projects, infrastructure, construction and operation of buildings, methods of financing, socio-economic aspects, different regulations, mobility and transport, energy and waste management, biodiversity and digital tools applied to town planning.

Each teaching unit addresses specific themes related to the management and design of urban environments. The tutored project, carried out in small groups of students, will illustrate the theoretical aspects of this training.

The second semester (6 months) is an immersion in the professional world. The student is welcomed in the company to put his knowledge into practice which will lead him to write a professional dissertation giving rise to a defense.

The validation of the diploma is carried out by a jury made up of experts and professionals.

Info and Admissions


Selection of candidates on file.

Classes take place from March to December, three evenings a week and Saturday mornings.

Useful information

Tuition fees are 4900 euros (the EIVP is not subject to VAT). Contact us for any request for assistance in setting up your financing plan.

The EIVP is Referable to the Datadock for Financing Your Training by OPCAs

DataDock is a database which allows professional training funders to check the compliance of training organizations with the 6 quality criteria defined by law. It makes it possible to attest to the ability of the EIVP to guarantee an identical level of quality for all the services offered.

From 1 July 2017, each financier who will take charge of individual or collective training for the EIVP will refer us according to their own criteria.

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Activity declaration number registered with the Ile-de-France regional prefecture 11 75 42 051 75

Our Parisian Campus

Classes take place on our campus located within Paris:
80 rue Rebeval, 75019 Paris
Metro: Belleville / Pyrénées / Buttes-Chaumont


Most photovoltaic infrastructure projects like mine, integrated into the building or the eco-district, must be part of an architectural and functional framework. To respond to calls for tenders from local authorities, you need to know the mechanisms for setting up urban projects, the decision-making levers, the legal framework, and then something banal but essential, all the technical terms … So I decided to do this one-year training course which opened up the field of urban planning to me, taking into account the concepts of sharing and limits of public space, networks, the distribution between contracting authority and urban project management in the act of building and planning.

Today I master the major phases of driving an urban development project, I know the legal framework required, the necessary authorizations, I understand the game of actors in each stage of implementation, etc. I speak the same language as the engineers or town planners I have in front of me, I understand their concerns and constraints. I am able to respond to a call for projects from a community, propose solutions, provide skills. The EIVP is a huge network of professionals, decision-makers and specialists in all areas of urban engineering. Yann Desportes – CEO YADES – DAUCEQ EIVP graduate