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Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology
07, Kirimandala Mawatha, Colombo 00500, Sri Lanka. , Colombo, Western Province , Sri Lanka
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The field of life sciences has undergone unprecedented growth in the past decades in conjunction with advancement in technology paving its way in achieving great heights. Advances in the fields of life sciences is not only evident in the global context but now becoming more pronounced at a national level, where application of microbiology and biotechnology is integrated within different fields of life sciences. Embarking on studying a degree in Microbiology and biotechnology will equip you to gain knowledge in various fields including; product and process-oriented research & development for applications in healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Our teaching labs have state-of-art equipment and facilities for practical, hands on training and each lecture underpins many exciting areas as skills in food, environmental and medical microbiology and biotechnology, in addition to a broad understanding of the biological sciences including molecular biology, immunology biochemistry, statistics and bioinformatics.

You will develop a sound scientific knowledge together with advanced practical skills which will benefit you to develop employability skills suited and required to cater for a wide range of occupations, including those requiring specialized knowledge in Microbiology and Biotechnology